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     I am currently searching for new or additional Ohio localities to write 
descriptive mineral articles about, specifically for the website.  If you 
have any suggestions or thoughts, please let me know.   Additionally, if 
you would be interested in writing or collaboratively writing an article, I 
would be very happy to pubish it on the site if the proper permission is 
granted for that purpose. 

The pictures shown on this site were taken for the purpose of printed 
materials.  The translation to web format allows certain touch ups to be 
visibile.  The minerals themselved are as pictured.


Ohio Rockhound
Articles for the Ohio Mineral Collector

Collecting Wurtzite Crystals, Negley, Ohio

Mineralization of Geodized Brachiopods, 
Georgetown, Ohio

Mineral Habits of the C.E. Duff and 
Son Inc. Quarry

Gypsum var. Selenite Crystals from 
Ellsworth, Ohio

Septarian Minerals of the Huron River near 
Lamereaux Road Bridge, Monroeville, Ohio

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About Ohio Rockhound

     First of all, thank you for visiting, the new home for Ohio 
Rockhound.  I sincerely appreciate your interest in Ohio minerals.  This site is now completely
dedicated to research and education on Ohio mineral localities.   For over 3 years now I 
have been writing a series of articles on Ohio localities, under the title Ohio Rockhound. 
These articles were meant as a reference for educators, mineralogists and collectors as a 
means of identifying particular mineral habits which occur at each locality.  Along with the fact 
that I recently have had several requests for such a work, I personally feel there to be a great 
need for a more accurate and descriptive reference on Ohio Mineralogy.  With this in mind, I 
have stepped up the pace on the articles.  I have approximately 40 articles in mind to be 
written in the next few years.  Some, but not all, will be posted to this website. The ultimate
goal is a collection of articles on the most notable Ohio localities in the state.  I beleive these will be 
more thorough than any current reference.  This is not meant in any way to be a field trip guide for 
future collecting, but simply a historical reference of important localities.  Any help in completing 
this goal will be greatly appreciated.   Best Wishes. 

Joe Vasichko
1111 Allen Dr.
Wooster, Ohio 44691
(330) 264-3483

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